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Meet the founder

Can passion, fulfillment and family all align in a career? That’s the vision that kickstarted it all for Shannon Falcone.

Sifting through must-haves for her baby registry while pregnant with her first baby, she couldn’t find the clothing options she wanted: neutral, sustainable, comfortable, and matchable.

Shannon saw clothing as not just a way to celebrate her growing baby, but a way to bring her family together. Clothing should be made for memories, made to grow as the families who wore them grew, and made to match.

After saying goodbye to her corporate career of 8+ years, her vision couldn’t have been more clear. Sage Baby is a collection of simple, made to match clothing for the entire family that provides neutral, comfortable and sustainable options.

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  • Our Values

    Family-first: Our products are created by family for family -- designed to create moments and grow with you as your family grows.

    Authenticity: Our standard is ethically-sourced clothing made from safe, clean materials like bamboo and organic cotton for comfortability and peace of mind.

    Integrity: We’re committed to not only creating clean and quality products for our customers, but feel a greater responsibility to take care of the communities we impact and our planet in the process.

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