Meet the Founder

Sage Baby started as a passion, but grew into a mission. 
Working in the corporate world for many years taught me a lot of important skills but it wasn’t until my husband and I got pregnant with our first baby that I had a bit of an awakening. I wanted a career that provided more purpose and fulfillment, and more of a focus on my family.
We didn’t find out gender with our baby and had the hardest time finding clothing options that we wanted: neutral, safe, comfortable, and matchable. I also had a desire to live a more conscious life. I felt a greater responsibility to contribute to the world -- making it cleaner and safer for my baby and the next generation, and the next. 
So the idea for Sage Baby was born. The thought of starting my own business felt so outside the realm of what I ever thought was possible for myself.
It started with a need -- a need for neutral, sustainable clothing that was comfortable and matched our style. But I didn’t just want it for my baby, I wanted it for my entire family. I wanted matching sets that we could make memories in and grow with us as we grew. 
That need developed into a passion. I threw myself into building the brand, finding responsible and ethical partners that shared the same values as me. I learned everything I could about materials, manufacturers, marketing -- you name it. (And I am still learning every single day!)
And that passion has turned into a mission -- to inspire families to make memories in our matching clothes, to live more comfortably and consciously while helping to leave the world better than we found it for the generations that follow. 
There is still so much to build, we are just getting started! Thank you for being here to support us!
xo, Shannon & family